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Mission Australia

On countless occasions the GVMI Concierge team have displayed a high level of professionalism, compassion and respect in performing their duties under difficult circumstances in what can only be described as a unique environment. The team often go beyond the scope of their duties to deliver exceptional customer service; and at all times with a high level of respect to the tenants and guests of Common Ground

Ms Rosemaree Mcguiness, Common Ground Team Leader & Building Manager

ARC Student Services University of NSW

Being a student environment Arc has a specific set of requirements when it comes to guards and their performance, Guardian have always listened to Arc’s needs and provided innovative and appropriate solutions and have been pro-active in addressing any feedback. They take pains to familiarize guards with our venues and protocols, which are reinforced through the presence of regular staff and supervisors.

Shelley Valentine, ARC Director of Student Services

Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs RLFC

As a Football Club with significant stature in the community, crossing over a number of stakeholders including our governing body, local councils, law enforcement agencies and transport authorities, the appointment of a security firm’s services to represent our organisation needs to be based on a genuine confidence and trust. The Guardian Venue Management International team have consistently provided this level of trust and confidence to us as a Football Club.

Vince Costa, Chief Operating Officer