Security Risk Assessments, Planning & Consulting

Guardian Venue Management International's proficiency in Security Consulting, Planning and providing detailed Security Risk Assessments is highly respected and constantly sought after throughout the industry.

At GVMI our Security Risk Assessments are designed to give you a comprehensive breakdown of all the security risks and threats facing your business, event or any circumstance where incidents have already occured, or at risk of occuring..

Our solution based plans provide advice and recommendations on which Security Services and Solutions should be implemented will be the most effective at minimising risk, increasing safety and securing your business, property or event.

GVMI are frequently contracted to analyse, coordinate and implement sophisticated security management plans across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Emergency Management Planning

At GVMI, our emergency management planning covers areas including identifying threats, safely removing unlawful participants from the premises, responding to emergency situations as well as emergency evacuation techniques and crowd control methods at major events, concert venues, trade shows, sporting events or festivals.

Some of the items our system based planning lincludes are:

  • The formation, purpose, responsibility and training of the emergency planning committee 
  • Emergency identification – analysis of specific emergency events and scenarios that might impact the event or business
  • The development of an emergency plan and emergency response procedures
  • Testing and validation of emergency responses
  • Emergency related training
  • Crowd Control Management – avoiding and handling ofstampedes, crowd crushing and surges
  • Bag Searches – avoiding/handling of Hidden Sharps, Needle Stick Injuries & Cross Contanimation of Virus
Our Security Services & Solutions

GVMI has a pool of highly experienced and customer orientated security officers, event staff and specialist venue management personnel trained to ensure the comfort, safety and protection of spectators, visitors, competitors and VIPs. Our Security, Venue Management and Event Staff include:

  • Security Guards
  • Concierge Services
  • Traffic Management Control
  • Access and Perimeter Control
  • Crowd Controllers
  • Specialist Pitt Staff (for venue concerts and music festivals)
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Complete Communications Equipment
  • 24 Hour Security (asset protection)
  • CCTV Security & Surveillance
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Officers
  • Event Control Room Operators
  • VIP Transport (on site as well as to and from the venue)
  • VIP Close Personal Protection
  • 24/7 Mobile Patrols
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