Theatre & Indoor Arena Security

Our proficiency in event security and crowd management is highly respected and constantly sought after throughout the industry.

At Guardian Venue Management International we are frequently contracted to coordinate sophisticated event security and crowd management operations at well-known stadiums, arenas, amphitheatres, convention centres, major concert tours, music festivals, Sporting Events, Concerts, Fairs, Exhibitions and high-profile red carpet events.

Whether your hosting a concert, theatre performance, or any other kind of entertainment event, it is important that spectators who attend are focused on enjoying them selves and not preoccupied with their safety.

GVMI provides a full range of integrated services and tailored event security solutions to assist you in creating a successful event of any size

Venue Management & Staff

To ensure every event is executed smoothly, our highly experienced and customer orientated venue and event management staff are trained to ensure the comfort, safety and protection of spectators, visitors, competitors and VIPs. 

Our Venue Management and Event Staff include:

  • Traffic Management Control
  • Access and Perimeter Control
  • Crowd Controllers
  • Specialist Pitt Staff (for venue concerts and music festivals)
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Complete Communications Equipment
  • 24 Hour Security (asset protection)
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Officers
  • Event Control Room Operators
  • VIP Transport (on site as well as to and from the venue)
  • VIP Close Personal Protection
Event Planning & Risk Management

GVMI has dedicated Events Management Team that has extensive knowledge and experience in planning, co-coordinating and managing security risks at major events, venues and festivals nationally.

  • We work closely with NSW Police and all relevant authorities to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.
  • Our procedures are regularly reviewed and evaluated based on the current security environment and arrangements at other similar institutions in Australia to ensure appropriate security measures are in place.
  • We provide security and risk reviews in accordance with the Australian Standard for Risk Management and the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework.
  • Our reviews cover all aspects of guard security including providing a complete independent security solutions for the development of strategies, standards, procedures through to the detailed design of specific security solutions for your business. Our expertise includes security staffing strategies, physical security, RSA guards, traffic control and more.
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