Private Bodyguards & Personal Security

GVMI has been providing bodyguards and personal security services for over 16 years and understands the importance in providing qualified and experienced personnel that meet the needs of individuals requiring protection services.

Many factors cause much concern in terms of security in both the private and business sectors.

Not only do individuals find themselves in need of quality security services, but high-profile figures, executives, VIPs, small businesses, corporations, and organisations need the assistance of security professionals.

Our personal security and executive protection services help to keep important people and events safe at all times, regardless of the industry.
VIP protection and executive protection is offered to individuals that have legitimate concerns based on real world threats.

Our guards can address all security service needs in a professional and tactful manner, and have been individually trained by leaders in security efforts and executive protection.

Some of our Private Security Services and Solutions include:
  • Personal Body Guards
  • VIP, Corporate Executive and Celebrity Protection
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Safe Housing and Relocation Services
  • Anti-Stalking Operations
  • Professional Driving Services
  • Electronic Surveillance and Surveillance Detection Services
  • Concierge & Security Guard Services at Condominium and Apartment Complexes
  • Security Guards for Private Parties
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