Registered Clubs Security & Concierge Services

The safety and security of people on and in the vicinity of licensed premises is quite a significant issue.

Any implementation of security and crowd control strategies to deter, detect, delay and respond to anti-social behaviour and crime must put the safety, health and welfare of patrons and staff at the forefront of any risk management plan.

At GVMI, all of our security officers are licensed, trained and dedicated to ensure safety at all times through developed risk assessment methods including identifying threats, removing unlawful participants from the premises, responding to emergency situations and evacuation techniques. Employees are trained specifically to deal with issues in highly volatile situations in a professional manner through conflict negotiation techniques.


We understand how important it is to protect your brand and reputation in the hospitality industry.

GVMI Are Experts In Licenced Venue Security

The GVMI Licensed Venue Management Team has decades of insight and experience in Sydney’s venue landscape, and managing some of Australia’s most iconic establishments. Working closely with your management team, we develop risk assessment mechanisms tailored to your companies’ unique needs and requirements within the industry.



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